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Established in 2011, RORACADEC believes durability and affordability is the way forward. The success of our family-led business can be attributed to exceptional friendly service and quality range of generic products that are kept in stock all year round. Prices are crucial, but never at the cost of the world around us.

Our new website offers a more effective user interface with unique customisation features enabling you to order items as well as generic stocked products. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality garments at competitive prices.

We hope that when you click through these pages you will find something of interest to you and your family.  Something that will help make your child look smart and feel confident.

Our team of dedicated workers endeavour to bring you the only best, which is why we choose manufactures who produce outstanding garments so that both parent and child are happy customers. We have always aimed to make a visit to our website, a pleasant experience.

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We understand that from day one, schools and parents require a uniform that looks and stays smart all year round and reflects the identity of their child’s school. Roracadec prides itself on keeping the colour of our garments consistent, ensuring every child can wear their school's colours with pride. We quality check our uniform thoroughly at every stage, to ensure that when your garments arrive, they meet our high-quality standard.  

Our world-class design department works with new and existing customers, updating their logos, to ensure perfection on our garments.
We have good relationships with UK's leading school wear manufacturers and brands. All our garments are made specifically for the school wear market which means they are durable yet soft and comfortable.


Our "Comprehensive Quality Guarantee" provides evidence of the confidence we have in our quality standards.
Our services have been tailored to the evolving needs of children and parents.  That gives us and our customers assurance of good quality and service.

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